"Wet, Lather and Scrub" is a PSA song sung by Lisa Loud. It was created to remind kids to stay healthy and wash their hands during the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.

According to Sarah Johnson, the song is actually from an upcoming three-minute short, and that the video is actually clips spliced together in a non-linear order. She also confirmed that the topic of the song (washing your hands) was out of pure coincidence, since this short was pitched in July 2019 and wasn't meant to be a PSA in the first place.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Touching, coughing, sneezing, even hugging your pet
Creates a superhighway for germs
To avoid a germ-ageddon, you've got to disinfect
So, listen up, you bacteroides, it's time to learn
You gotta wet, lather and scrub
Make a habit out of staying healthy
You gotta wet, lather and scrub
Go be the hero of the antibodies
There's a simple yet critical list of directions
To stop the possible spread of infections
Bacterial, viral, microbial bugs
On handles and tissues and toilets and rugs
1. Make the water flow, flow
2. Lather up that soap, soap
3. Scrub 'em up clean, rinse and repeat
Dry 'em up, let's go go go!
You gotta wet, lather and scrub
Cleaning up can be your favorite hobby
You gotta wet, lather and scrub
Go be the hero of the antibodies
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